Candice Brem, MD

Assistant Professor of Dermatology

Academic Titles

Lynne J. Goldberg Endowed Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Associate Head, Dermatopathology Section, Department of Dermatology
Program Director, Dermatopathology fellowship program
Associate Director, Skin Pathology Laboratory.


Candice Brem graduated from American University of the Caribbean in 2014. She subsequently completed a residency in Anatomic and Clinical pathology at Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA) in 2018. She was invited to join the faculty of the Department of Dermatology at Boston University upon completion of her dermatopathology fellowship in 2020. Dr. Brem serves as the associate lab director and program director of the dermatopathology fellowship program, in addition to signing out skin biopsies at the Skin Pathology Laboratory at Boston University School of Medicine.


2010 – B.A. – The George Washington University, Washington, DC; Magna Cum Laude, Fine Arts
2010 – B.S. – The George Washington University, Washington, DC; Magna Cum Laude, Biology
2014 – M.D. – American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, St. Maarten
2014-2018 – Resident in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
2018-2020 – Fellow in Dermatopathology, Boston University School of Medicine/ BMC, Boston, MA

Clinical Specialties and Research Interests

  • General Dermatopathology

“I have an interest in the novel utilization of immunohistochemical markers as possible differentiators of various disease processes and their histopathologic mimickers.”

Select Publications:

  1. Zhai Y, La J, Little E, Xiao S, Huang L, Haresi A, Brem C, Bhawan J, Lang D. Therapeutic blockade of melanoma progression by pan-ETS factor targeting. Submitted for review to Cancer Research: March 26, 2019.
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  3. Jani PM, Renz P, Brem C, et al. Alteration of immune markers in the tumor microenvironment after chemoradiation for rectal cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2018;36(15_suppl). doi:10.1200/jco.2018.36.15_suppl.e24146.
  4. Brem C, Tang B, Silverman J, Bunker M. 212 IgG4-Positive Plasma Cells in Adult Orbital Xanthogranulomatous Disease Without IgG4-Related Disease: A Series of Two Cases. American Journal of Clinical Pathology. 2018;149(suppl_1). doi:10.1093/ajcp/aqx123.211.
  5. Tayshetye P, Monga DK, Finley G, Vishwanathan S, Brem C, Silverman JF. Molecular profiling of advanced malignancies: A community oncology network experience. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2017;35(15_suppl). doi:10.1200/jco.2017.35.15_suppl.e23111.
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