Pulmonary Immunity and Infection


Research interests related to pulmonary immunity and infection include:

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (Bosmann, Jin, Mizgerd, Quinton, Walkey)

Adaptive immunity in the lungs (CenterMizgerd, Remick)

Alveolar macrophages (Bosmann, Fine, Jin, Jones, Kramnik, Mizgerd, Quinton, Wilson)

Asthma (Center, Chen, CohenLittle, O’Connor, Remick)

Epithelial immune function in the lung (Jin, Hartshorn, Jones, Mizgerd, Quinton)

Influenza, RSV, and other respiratory viruses (Fearns, Hartshorn, Kotton, Mizgerd, Rock)

Innate immunity in the lungs (Bosmann, Jin, Jones, Kramnik, Mizgerd, Quinton)

Memory lymphocytes in the lung (Mizgerd)

Neutrophils (Bosmann, Hartshorn, Jones, Mizgerd, Quinton)

Pneumococcal infections (Jones, Mizgerd, Pelton, Quinton)

Pneumonia (Bosmann, Hamer, Jones, Mizgerd, Pelton, Quinton, Remick, Walkey)

Sepsis (Bosmann, Quinton, Remick, Walkey)

Tuberculosis (Bernardo, Kramnik, Saukkonen)

February 15, 2018
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