Rules Governing Leaves Of Absence And Withdrawal

All requests for withdrawal and leaves of absence must be submitted on the official form and forwarded to the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences,  72 East Concord Street (Room L 315) Boston, MA  02118.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE:   Request for approved leave of absence must be on file in the Division Records office NO LATER THAN THE THIRD WEEK OF CLASSES IN THE SEMESTER OF THE ANTICIPATED LEAVE.  The following specific procedures govern the approved leave of absence:

(a)    Upon written petition and for appropriate cause, a student will be allowed up to two semesters of approved leave of absence without the necessity of committee consideration.  All official leave of absence applications must indicate the effective date of leave and anticipated date of return.

(b)    Leaves of absence beyond two semesters will be granted only in exceptional cases   (e.g., substantiated illness, one-semester maternal/paternal leave, or military service).

(c)     Leave of absence will not be granted for the semester during which degree requirements are to be completed, or during the preceding semester.

(d)    If all degree requirements are completed, except for incomplete grades obtained in the last semester of course   work, the Continuing Student Fee may be waived for the period allowed to complete incomplete coursework.

(e)     The period of the leave of absence counts as part of the time period within which the student is expected to  complete degree requirements.

(f)     Students on approved leave of absence are expected, by virtue of that leave, to be engaged in no activities related to the completion of degree requirements (i.e., course work, examinations directed study, or research).  Leave of absence shall not affect regulations governing make-up of incomplete courses.

WITHDRAWAL:  Notification of withdrawal from the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences should be submitted directly to the  Division office (L315) ; the Division office will be responsible for notifying the student’s major department.  All students who have voluntarily withdrawn and all who have been requested to withdraw from the Graduate program will be subject to the following regulations governing reapplication in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences:

a)       A minimum of two years must elapse before readmission.

b)       Re-applications must be accompanied by an application fee.

c)       If readmitted, the student may be asked to retake examinations or demonstrate that he is knowledgeable  in current issues in the field of specialization.

d)       Re-admittees will be subject to the rules and regulations set forth in the Academic Policies and Procedures at the time of readmission.

Students who have outstanding financial obligations to the university at the time of withdrawal will be    required to meet those obligations as a condition of readmission.

e)       At the time of readmission, the student must provide a detailed schedule of plans for completing the remaining degree requirements within specific time limits.