Newly Approved GMS Courses

GMS MS 585 Infectious Diseases: Agents, Epidemiology, and Clinical Manifestations

Prereq: Anatomy and/or Physiology A and B.  Infectious Diseases course explores principles of infection, host factors, epidemiology, treatment, prevention, and clinical approach to infection of different organs and systems as well as basic description of medically important infectious agents, i.e. bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Upon successful completion of this course students will understand principles of infection, its epidemiology, treatment and prevention, and will have knowledge of major pathogens, including all the significant etiologic agents of newly emerging infections.  Ilyinskii.  4 cr, Spring sem.


GMS MS 710 Transdisciplinary Training Program in Addiction Science

This introductory course will cover the broad field of addiction with a focus on drug dependence.  In one segment of the course, students will learn about the spectrum of drug dependence disorders and modalities for diagnosis and treatment.  Another segment will present a wide variety of approaches for studying addiction using the tools of epidemiology, genetics, pharmacology, neurobehavior, and anima models.  Emphasis will be placed on transdisciplinary approaches which are essential for understanding and combating addition disorders.  In addition, students will be exposed to the impact of addiction on the family and society, and public policy issues addressing the prevention of addiction.  Farrer.  2 cr, Fall sem.


GMS OH 770 Evidence Based Dentistry

Prereq: Consent of Instructor; must be in the Oral Health Sciences program.  This course consists of lectures and online modules as well as student presentations and discussion sessions. Topics will range from basic study design, research methodology and statistical analysis to dental ethics and critiques of evidence based research articles.  The focus will be on evidence based dentistry and both reasoning and critical thinking skills will be challenged.  Davies. 2 cr, Fall sem.