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Spotlight on Students: Andrew Ferree

A challenging and rewarding program, the Boston University School of Medicine MD/PhD Combined Degree program produces exceptional physicians and researchers.  Though only halfway through his time here, Andrew Ferree is no exception.  An addict to research, Andrew has traveled internationally to present his scientific findings, and continues to investigate new ways to improve BUMC’s sustainability […]

Spotlight on Faculty: Dr. Gene Blatt

When faced with administrative meetings, teaching, laboratory research, and writing publishable articles and books on a daily basis, coming to work can seem daunting.  For Dr. Gene Blatt, Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, multi-tasking is the key to perform at his exemplary level in all these areas.  Making greats strides in autism research while participating […]

Spotlight on Students: Maria Vasilakos

Choosing a career is not always an easy task.  A graduate from the M.A. in Medical Sciences – Oral Health Sciences track and a first year dental student at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (BUGDM), Maria Vasilakos provides some insight on her unique path into the dental field. What made […]

Spotlight on Students: Geunwon Kim

Not many people can say they enjoy waking up and going to work every day.  Geunwon Kim may be an exception.  A current MD/PhD student in her fourth PhD year, she mixes research with passion as she attends conferences and prepares for her MD years at Boston University School of Medicine. Welcome back to Boston!  […]

Spotlight on Students: Flavien Leclere

Balancing graduate school and all that comes with it—classes, research, exams—is not easy.  We sat down with Flavien Leclere, President of the Graduate Medical Sciences Student Organization (GMSSO) and the recent recipient of the   Robert F. Troxler Award in Biochemistry, to hear how he maintains a busy schedule, and has fun doing it. Can you […]

Spotlight on Students: Stephanie Seidl

Completing a graduate degree requires hard work, dedication, motivation, and the sacrifice of free time.  Even when it seems that there is no end in sight, the final degree does pay off.  Stephanie is one of the many GMS students that will be graduating this May and entering the work force. One of GMS’s involved […]

Spotlight on Students: Crystal Oechsle

Fighting crime can start from GMS!  Often, the most influential information in a court case is built from the evidence obtained at the crime scene and processed in the lab. With all the terrible crimes that can be committed, it is comforting to know there are individuals like Crystal working to gather and analyze essential […]

Spotlight on Students: Conor Smith

Do you know what it is like to present a poster at a conference with over 30,000 attendees? Conor Smith, a graduate student in GMS, presented a poster at the Society for Neuroscience meeting where attendees came from all over the world.  He was able to attend the meeting with the help from a travel […]

Spotlight on Students: Daniel Dworkis

Have you seen the amazing photography—all created by our own GMS students—displayed in the GMS office? If not, please stop by and enjoy these beautiful art works. One of the photographers is Daniel Dworkis, an MD/PhD student, who is not only passionate about science but balances his life with many activities such as photography, volunteering, […]