Theresa A. Davies, PhD

Director, MS in Oral Health Sciences Program
Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences & Education

Davies_0760Theresa A. Davies, PhD
Room L-317

Dr. Davies began her tenure at BUSM in the Department of Biochemistry over 30 years ago. After receiving her PhD,  she was very active in the Department and went on to do research in the field of Alzheimer’s disease investigating the role of platelets and the blood brain barrier in amyloid deposition. More recently she has served as  Assistant Director of the MA in Medical Sciences program, and now Director of the Oral Health Sciences program.

Recently she developed a Evidence Based Medicine Mobile App in collaboration with the Department of Family Medicine at BUSM and the Alumni Medical Library. (Read more about the curricular innovations at BUSM Office of Academic Affairs) or in the published paper.

She has been teaching in the Biochemistry course MD512/OH751  Dental Biochemistry  for more than 18 years,  is Co-Course Manager for GMS MS 640, Introduction to Biomedical Information, and recently developed the courses Evidence Based Dentistry and Fundamentals of Head and Neck Anatomy. Dr. Davies loves working with students, whether she’s teaching, mentoring or providing thesis help. She will be the first to tell you that the best part of her job is when a student attains one of their goals – in particular gaining acceptance to medical or dental school. Dr. Davies enjoys camping, reading, country music, Boston sports and the beach. See BU Profiles.