Nature Reviews Nephrology Publishes Article by Jonathan Ravid, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Kamel, and Dr. Vipul Chitalia

Congratulations to Jonathan Ravid, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Kamel, and Dr. Vipul Chitalia on their Nature Reviews Nephrology publication highlighting uremic solutes as potential therapeutic targets in CKD-associated cardiovascular disease. Dr. Hassan Kamel is a second year fellow in BMC’s Nephrology Fellowship Program, where Dr. Chitalia serves on faculty as an Assistant Professor of Medicine. Article […]

Membranous Nephropathy Review Article by Laurence Beck and Loulwa Alsharhan Featured as AJKD Article in Press

Congratulations to Dr. Laurence Beck, Associate Professor of Nephrology at Boston Medical Center, and Dr. Loulwa Alsharhan, former Glomerular Disease fellow at Boston Medical Center, whose review article, Membranous Nephropathy: Core Curriculum 2021, has been published by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, and featured as a recent Article in Press at Download Article: […]

Wenqing Yin Receives 2020 Evans Day Award for Basic Research Poster and Presentation

Nephrology research fellow Wenqing Yin, MD, PhD, has received the second place award in the 2020 Evans Day “Basic Research Poster and Presentation” category for her poster titled, “Indolic solute is a CKD-specific suppressor of Wnt signaling and a promoter of peripheral artery disease.” Congratulations to Dr. Wenqing Yin and her mentor Dr. Chitalia on […]

Larry Beck and Nori Hayashi’s Commentary on Moore’s Law for Membranous Nephropathy Published in Kidney International

Dr. Laurence H. Beck Jr., Associate Professor of Medicine in the Renal Department at Boston University/Boston Medical Center, and Dr. Norifumi Hayashi, visiting researcher from Kanazawa Medical University in Japan, have published commentary on Moore’s Law for Membranous Nephropathy in Kidney International. The title of this Commentary is even more topical given the description of […]

Insa Schmidt, Lauren Stern, and Merav Shohet receive SSRC Rapid-Response Grant on Covid-19 and the Social Sciences

Doctors Insa Schmidt and Lauren Stern of BU/BMC’s Section of Nephrology, along with BU Anthropology professor Dr. Merav Shohet, have received a Rapid-Response Grant on Covid-19 and the Social Sciences from The Social Science Research Council. The team will investigate Stigma Syndemics and End-Stage Kidney Disease in Disenfranchised Urban Communities Fighting Covid-19. ABSTRACT

Titi Ilori receives the NIH grant to study the role of diet and APOL1 in CKD

Dr. Ilori receives the Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award (K23) from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases to study the “The Role of Dietary Nutrients in CKD Progression and ApolipoproteinL1 (APOL1) Nephropathy”.  She intends  to build a career focused on mechanistic and interventional studies on the effect of dietary factors and lifestyle on CKD […]

Waikar Lab receives new Kidney Precision Medicine Project Awards

Dr. Sushrut Waikar, Chief of Nephrology, recently receives two grants from the Kidney Disease Precision Medicine Project (KPMP) to enhance the clinical phenotyping of participants undergoing kidney biopsy: one grant will fund kidney physiologic measurements including mGFR using iohexol clearance and renal plasma flow using PAH clearance, before and after an oral protein load. The second […]