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Conditions of Use

Conditions of use for all users of the University’s computing facilities.

Computing Ethics

Policies for exercising responsible, ethical behavior when using the University’s computing facilities.

Information Security Policy and Guides

The policy and guides concerning the protection of University Data.

Information Security Management Guidelines

Guidelines for maintaining information security.

BU Google Apps Acceptable Use and Data Security

Policy explaining the appropriate use of private and sensitive data on BU Google Apps.

HIPAA Security Policies

Policies related to the use and storage of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) at Boston University

Policy Violation Notification Procedure

Procedure for violations of Information Security Policy or Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Broadcast E-mail

Conditions of use, guidelines, required approvals, and policies for sending broadcast e-mails.

Student Web Sites

Disclaimer information for all pages published by students.

InCommon Federation: Participant Operational Practices

Federation participant, identity provider, and service provider information.