Advising & Mentoring

Personalized mentorship with our faculty is a cornerstone of all of our programs, which ensures that students are supported every step of the way through their programs and after graduation. This is true whether in a doctoral program or one of our clinical, research, community engagement or forensics masters programs.

Master’s Programs

Our master’s programs have strong faculty mentoring in place as well as peer-peer and near-peer mentoring.  Additionally, our professional preparation masters programs such as Medical and Oral Health Sciences provide strong support during the medical and dental school admissions process.

We also use Handshake as an additional career / internship resource for our students.

Doctoral candidates

Doctoral candidates have opportunities to train in both theoretical and practical training  for future careers in various scientific sectors.  The activities include seminars, panels and workshops.  The programming continues to develop and change over time as we learn of trainees’ interests and needs.

We strive to meet the diverse needs of our trainees by enhancing their skills in critical thinking, communication, leadership/ management, and bioethics/intellectual property/research compliance to assure that our PhDs, MD/PhDs, Masters and post-doctoral fellows are prepared for successful careers in academia, industry, local or federal government or where ever they may choose to work after BU.

FAIR EXPECTATIONS FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS:    A Compact Between Biomedical Graduate Students and Their Research Advisors
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EVENTS Upcoming events offered to all graduate students and postdocs.
GMS ALUMNI MENTORING PROGRAM An important component for doctoral students to provide contact information for our alumni who agreed to serve as career mentors for our students.
FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES:  GMS/BU Training Programs,  Travel Awards, Scholarship and Fellowships opportunities available.
HENRY I RUSSEK STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT DAYA yearly event  here at GMS for students to highlight their research and scholarship.
INTERNSHIPS Available through  BU’s BEST