Meaning-Making for First-gen Grad & Professional Students

What is meaning making? According to Roger Kegan’s theory of meaning-making development, meaning making “is a conceptualization of how human beings make meaning of themselves, of others, and of their experiences throughout their life-span.” In this 4-week series, you’ll have the opportunity for personal self-reflection through free writing and small group discussion that will be supported by short articles and readings on meaning-making and purpose of life.

All sessions will be held virtually on Zoom. Please sign up for the series only if you’re able to attend all 4 sessions. REGISTRATION is required.


Week 1: Introduction to Meaning Making: What are my Values?
Week 2: The past–Exploration of my Identity: Who am I and where am I from?
Week 3: The present–Resiliency and Joy: How does graduate school fit into my life’s purpose? How can I sustain my passion for my work and build my resilience during challenging times? What brings me joy and how does it fit into my academic life?
Week 4: The future–Hopes and Dreams: What are my plans post-master’s or post-doctoral degree?

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