5/7 Email From GMS Associate Provost

To:  GMS Faculty and Staff
From:  Deborah  Stearns-Kurosawa, PhD, ad interim Associate Provost and GMS Associate Dean
Date:  May 7, 2020
RE:  GMS and Recovery Update

In anticipation of phased opening of the campus,  I have put together a GMS Education Recovery Working Groupwith representative faculty and staff.  This group has convened to identify and provide guidance to support the education needs for our faculty as we plan for the fall 2020 semester in accordance with University requirements and guidance.  The group includes representatives for Master’s research, Master’s clinical, PhD, Education, Finance, Operations and Communications.  In addition to myself (chair), the members of this group are the following:

Kimberly Arena; GMS Associate Director Student Affairs
Steve Brady, PhD; Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine
Israel de la Cruz; GMS Financial Manager
Shoumita Dasgupta, PhD; Genetics and Genomics
Theresa Davies, PhD; Assistant Dean of Master’s Programs
Chris Gabel, PhD; Program in Biomedical Sciences
DJ King; GMS Marketing and Communications Specialist
Tara Moore, PhD; Forensic Anthropology
Brigitte Ritter, PhD; GMS Director of Analytics
Greg Viglianti, PhD; Assistant Dean of Operations

We are working from the premise that Boston University will be open for residential, on-campus learning in the fall semester.  How this education will be delivered is under discussion at all levels with respect to curriculum, operations, infrastructure, IT, EdMedia, Facilities and so forth.

Most of you have heard talk about a hybrid, synchronous teaching strategy- a mix of in-class and remote delivery during regular class time.  The Working Group is aware that this may or may not work for all the GMS programs.  We are also aware faculty have variable experiences with remote learning technologies.  We are putting together a survey to ask you about your experiences with remote learning and your anticipated needs for your courses and your particular programs.  Your responses to this survey are important as they will guide the planning.  We will keep you updated frequently as we make progress.

With warm regards,

Make a difference at GMS