MJ Yuan attends American Heart Association conference

Last week MJ Yuan, a Ph.D. canididate in the Nutrition & Metabolism program, traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the American Heart Association (AHA) EPI/Lifestyle 2020 Scientific Sessions. She was selected to present her poster, “Saturated Fat Intake From Dairy Sources Is Associated With Reduced Cardiovascular Risk in Framingham Offspring Study Women,” based on her research of the same topic. As a moderated poster presenter, her poster was a part of a “guided audio tour” of selected presentations where a moderator leads an audience to her poster and she had 3-5 minutes to give a brief overview and then 5-7 minutes to answer the questions. MJ said,”It really honed my presentation skills – I learned how to prioritize the most important part of my work and delivered it clearly to the audience. In the Q&A part, there were a bunch of excellent questions from my audience and I was enlightened from the engaging discussion.”

Traveling to conferences like this are wonderful opportunities for student to learn about the latest trends in cardiovascular health and epidemiological research. MJ said, “There were a lot of insightful presentations on the latest research such as the effects of plant protein and dairy consumption on cardiovascular disease risk. These topics are tightly related to my own project so that I benefit a lot from their findings.”