Master’s Student Workshop Series – 5/2

Master’s Student Workshop Series

Boston University is pleased to announce the Master’s Student Workshop Series, co-sponsored by the Educational Resource Center (ERC) and the Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs. The workshops are designed to help master’s students thrive during their time at BU.  All workshops will take place at the Yawkey Center for Student Services, 100 Bay State Road, in room 545 Refreshments and food will be served! Though attendance at every workshop in the series is not mandatory, students who choose to attend all three workshops will be entered into a drawing. Please see below for workshop descriptions, dates, times, and to RSVP:

Managing Academic and Professional Priorities

Tuesday, March 19th, 12-1:30, Yawkey 545

Do you find yourself losing track of how you’re spending your time? Do you sometimes face indecision or anxiety when it comes to defining which task should get your attention? As master’s students, sometimes the hardest part of your graduate school experience isn’t managing your course content, but rather managing all of your myriad obligations in a relatively short span of time. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the underlying causes of procrastination and how to overcome them so that you can focus on efficiency and productivity. You’ll also come away with concrete strategies that will aid in determining which of your competing priorities should come first in a given moment and establishing a schedule that will actually help you achieve balance.  Please RSVP here!

Resilience: Managing Setbacks and Redefining Success

Wednesday, April 17th, 4:30-6, Yawkey 545

Receiving a grade that doesn’t meet your expectations or feedback that isn’t positive can affect your self-confidence and your productivity, but it doesn’t have to. In this workshop, we’ll discuss what the grades and constructive criticism that you receive in graduate school really mean and how you can cultivate a growth mindset in the face of them. You’ll come away with strategies to reframe the dialogue that you have with your professors through your scholarship and best practices for maintaining a healthy perspective when you’re faced with academic challenge. Please RSVP here!

Owning Your Student Identity While Crafting Your Professional Identity

Thursday, May 2nd, 5-6:30, Yawkey 545

How can you take what you’ve learned in your master’s program and leverage it to make you stand out while finding a job and, later, maintaining a career? In this workshop, we’ll discuss ways that you can identify what has made you special as a student, your student identity, and how this can translate into your professional identity. You’ll come away with a better understanding of your unique journey as a student and how that journey can directly inform how you approach interviews and define yourself in the workplace. Please RSVP here!

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