New BUworks Feature: Shoppers to Receive Automatic P.O. E-mail Notifications

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April 27th, 2012

NEW FEATURE – Shoppers to Receive Automatic P.O. Email Notifications

We have received feedback from many shoppers requesting notification when a purchase order is sent to the vendor. We are pleased to announce that effective April 27, shoppers will automatically receive email notifications when a purchase order is generated and transmitted to the vendor.  The P.O. notification contains basic information including P.O. number, value and shopping cart number.

Example of P.O. Notification


A Few Points:

  • The email notification will be sent to the Shopping Cart creator’s BU email account when the P.O. is sent to the vendor.
  • A copy will NOT be sent to the Goods Recipient or the Requester (the person Bought on Behalf Of).
  • The email is sent immediately – it is not batched.
  • Shoppers will receive one email notification per Purchase Order, for example:
    • 1 shopping cart creates 1 purchase order— 1 email is sent
    • 1 shopping cart creates 2 purchase orders—2 emails are sent, 1 per purchase order
    • If a purchase order is created manually without reference to a cart—1 email will be sent for the manual PO

IF You Do Not Want to Receive Email Notifications:

We understand many Shoppers may prefer not to receive P.O. email notifications.  If you wish to filter the email notifications so they do not appear in your mail, you can establish rules in Exchange 2010 that will direct incoming mail into specific folders based on criteria you specify. Detailed directions on how to configure Outlook 2010 or Outlook Web Access (OWA) are available on the IS&T website using the following link:
If you have any questions please contact the IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357.