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PhD Virtual Grad School Fair on 9/10

August 1st, 2013 in General News, Homepage, Prospective Student, Research

GMS will be participating in the Biomed Virtual Grad School Fair hosted by CareerEco on September 10th and October 24th from 9AM-4PM EST. If you are interested in learning more about our PhD and MD/PhD programs, please complete this free registration and live chat with our faculty and administration.2013-biomed_evite-student

Two BUSM Faculty Receive Alzheimer’s Disease Grants

July 21st, 2013 in General News, Homepage, Research

GMS is excited to share that two of our faculty members have received Massachusetts Neuroscience Consortium (MNC) Awards. David Harris, MD, PhD, Chair and Professor of Biochemistry and Benjamin Wolozin, MD, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine have received Alzheimer’s Disease Grants. Read More.

Three New GMS Courses for Academic Year 2013-2014

July 15th, 2013 in Academics, Homepage

GMS will have 3 new courses for the upcoming year including

(i) GMS MS 585 Infectious Diseases: Agents, Epidemiology, and Clinical Manifestations which explores principles of infection, host factors, epidemiology, treatment, prevention, and clinical approach to infection of different organs and systems, Spring 2014

(ii) GMS MS 710 Transdisciplinary Training Program in Addiction Science an introductory course that covers the broad field of addiction with a focus on drug dependence.  In one segment of the course, students will learn about the spectrum of drug dependence disorders and modalities for diagnosis, Fall 2013

(iii) GMS OH 770  Evidence Based Dentistry that covers topics  from basic study design, research methodology and statistical analysis to dental ethics and critiques of evidence based research articles, Fall 2013.

More information please see the Newly Approved Course Listing on the  Current Course Offerings page.

Welcome Incoming Students

July 11th, 2013 in General News, Homepage

Welcome! On behalf of the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences faculty and staff, we are excited for you to join us at Boston University School of Medicine. Orientation is fast approaching so please take a moment to visit our Incoming Students page for information that will prepare you for the transition into graduate school.

Orientation Schedule

July 31: Oral Health Sciences Program Orientation, 9am, room L109.

August 29: Masters of Arts in Medical Sciences (MAMS)

August 30: All GMS Orientation

September 3:  Laboratory Safety Training (if required)

We look forward to meeting you in the fall. Have a safe and happy summer!

Biochemistry Faculty Awards

June 13th, 2013 in Faculty Spotlight, Homepage, test

Congratulations to our GMS faculty Drs. Cathy Costello and Vickery Trinkaus Randall. For more information see Biochemistry.


Congratulations to Catherine E. Costello for her appointment as a William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor, which was just announced by President Brown! This is major university honor, recognizing Cathy’s superlative scientific accomplishments and scholarly contributions. This is the first time the professorship has been awarded to a faculty member whose primary appointment is at the medical school. Additional information Professorship.


Trinkaus-RandleCongratulations to Dr. Vickery Trinkaus-Randall who was recognized with the GMS Faculty Recognition Award for her years of tireless efforts on behalf on all of the students of GMS.  Dr. Trinkaus-Randall has served as the Director of Graduate Studies for the CMB Program, taking each student under her wing from the date of matriculation to the day of graduation.  In addition, Dr. Trinkaus-Randall has been instrumental in creating the Foundations in Biomedical Sciences curriculum and one of the newest GMS initiatives, the Program in Biomedical Sciences.

Congratulations Graduates!

May 21st, 2013 in General News, Graduation, Homepage

Masters Students Celebrate their Accomplishments!

Emily speaker-2 Tara
Nick-Antman-MAMS Adam Hall Ohearn-award
speaker-1 Sue-Stacey speaker-3
Wenyu Nugent-award Class

Student support available in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

March 18th, 2013 in General News, Homepage

Group counseling sessions have been arranged to serve students who have been affected by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  Any student may attend the groups, whether they were at the Marathon or are simply distressed by this awful event. Attendance at the groups is free of charge. The groups are on the following dates, times and locations.  Registration is recommended, but not required.

Thursday, April 18th, 4 pm. CARD (Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders), 648 Beacon St, 6th floor. Call 617-353-9610 to register.

Friday, April 19th, 12 Noon. The Danielsen Institute, 185 Bay State Road.  Call 617-353-3047 to register.

Friday, April 19th, 4pm. The SARP Center (Sexual Assault, Response & Prevention), 930 Commonwealth Avenue. Call 617-353-3569 to register.

Monday, April 22nd, 4pm. The SARP Center, 930 Commonwealth Ave.  Call 617-353-3569 to register.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 3pm. The Danielsen Institute, 185 Bay State Road.  Call 617-353-3047 to register.

Wednesday, April 24th, 4pm. CARD, 648 Beacon Street, 6th floor.  Call 617-353-9610 to register.

Thursday, April 25th, 12noon. The SARP Center, 930 Commonwealth Ave. Call 617-353-7277 to register.

Friday, April 26th, 1pm. CARD, 648 Beacon Street, 6th floor.  Call 617-353-9610 to register.

Additional groups will be held the week of April 29, details to follow.

If you are interested in working to arrange another support group, please contact Jenna Vaillancourt at SARP or Mitzi Kane at Behavioral Medicine.

Though group counseling is a preferred method for assisting survivors of trauma, students can also call to inquire about individual support at the following numbers.

Mitzi Kane at Student Health Services, 617-353-3569

Bonnie Brown at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, 617-353-9610.

The Danielsen Institute, 617-353-3047.

SARP, 617-353-7227.

For funded graduate students, Faculty and Staff Assistance Office, 617-353-5381.

Forensic Anthropology student receives the Malmberg Scholarship

January 4th, 2013 in General News, Homepage

Emily Peschel, a first year student in our MS in Forensic Anthropology program, is the recipient of the Malmberg Scholarship from the American Swedish Institute for Scholars.   You can read more about Emily’s research here or the MS degree in Forensic Anthropology on their website.

Congratulations Emily!

BU Awarded Addiction Training Grant from Burroughs Wellcome Fund

October 30th, 2012 in Academics, General News, Homepage

Congratulations to Dr. Lindsay Farrer and Dr. Timothy Heeren, as well as their colleagues at Boston University, on receiving a five year training grant on addiction from Burroughs Wellcome Fund to support specialized later stage PhD training “Transformative Training Program in Addiction Science (TTPAS)”.

“Addictions to smoking, alcohol, and illicit drugs are among the nation’s most critical public health and societal problems. The genetic vulnerability, environmental exposures, and individual behaviors that contribute to the brain dysfunction and compulsive tendencies that mark addiction make it one of the most complicated diseases to study and treat. Some researchers, especially at Boston University, have developed multi-disciplinary collaborations, but training addiction scientists still proceeds in disciplinary silos, preventing emergence of the broad skill set needed for genuine breakthroughs. TTPAS will prepare investigators to apply diverse approaches to addiction research using tools from bench science, medicine, population studies, statistics, and computational biology.

Three core components anchor TTPAS: a biweekly joint seminar focusing on how different disciplines approach a similar issue in addiction; multiple mentors from different disciplines for each trainee and multi-disciplinary dissertation committees; and a clinical module enabling trainees to experience people in addiction treatment/recovery. The program includes a concentrated effort to achieve student diversity and to assure that all trainees have a thorough understanding of the intellectual bases, techniques, and the languages of reporting in all the disciplines to facilitate effective communication across lay and professional audiences.

Professors Lindsay Farrer (an addiction genetics researcher) and Timothy Heeren (a senior biostatistician with 25 years of addiction research experience) will lead TTPAS. Dr. Farrer co-directs the nation’s largest genetics study of addiction to cocaine, opiates, alcohol, and nicotine among Caucasians and African Americans. Dr. Heeren is currently studying the effects of maternal cocaine use on child development and the impact of alcohol addiction on HIV treatment outcomes.

The co-leaders are supported by a unique and large group of established Boston University addiction scientists in medicine, psychology, neuroscience, pharmacology, biology, psychiatry, social work, engineering, biostatistics, informatics, health services research and public health who already are linked together through multi-disciplinary faculty seminars. Boston University faculty investigators currently direct more than 50 funded addiction-related research projects including pharmacological and neurocognitive mechanisms regulating drug withdrawal and relapse in animal models; the relationship between long-term alcohol abuse and decrements in brain structure and cognitive-emotional functioning among adult alcoholic men and women; and the efficacy of pharmacological treatments for alcoholism in a clinic population.”