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GMS Commencement 2017

February 7th, 2017 in General News, Homepage

The 2017 GMS Masters Commencement ceremony will take place on Friday, May 19th at 9AM in the Track & Tennis Center and the MD & Ph.D Commencement ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 18th at 2pm in Agganis Arena. Detailed Commencement information may be found here.

Conversation with the Family of Henrietta Lacks, Feb. 21 4:30-6:30

February 2nd, 2017 in General News, Homepage

Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Time: 4:30-6PM
Location: Hiebert Lounge, 72 East Concord St.
Sponsored by the School of Public Health’s Diversity and Inclusion Seminar Series.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot is the story of Henrietta Lacks, a poor Black woman who died in 1951 from cervical cancer at age 31. Prior to her death, a sample of her tumor was taken, and without her knowledge or consent, given to a tissue culture scientist who was attempting to find cells that would survive indefinitely in the laboratory. Henrietta’s cells did just that, signaling a medical and scientific breakthrough, and subsequently launching a multimillion dollar industry of which her family was unaware, and from which they never received compensation.


David Lacks Jr. is the grandson of Henrietta Lacks and son of David “Sonny” Lacks. David possesses a degree in computer information systems and has traveled around the United States and Canada setting up computer systems and labs for companies and educational institutions. He lends his talent to helping create and maintain the Lacks family website. David represents the Lacks family on the National Institute of the Health’s panel that reviews applications to conduct research using the HeLa genome.

Shirley Lacks is Henrietta Lacks’ daughter-in-law and Deborah’s childhood best friend. Since retiring from the banking industry, Shirley dedicates much of her time traveling around the country, keeping Henrietta’s legacy alive. Shirley has three children and five grandchildren.


All About Renting Housing Presentation Feb. 13 at 12 & 4PM (DATE CHANGE!)

January 20th, 2017 in General News, Homepage

All About Renting: Presented by Steve Handler, Landlord, Beacon Realty Properties LLC

Date: Monday, Feb. 13th, 12:00PM or 4:00PM
Location: Instructional Building, L112

Planning on renting an apartment? Hear from the experts. Ask questions. Understand your lease. Learn about the new Off-Campus Services available apartments website.

Pizza will be provided. RSVP by Feb. 12th at

Question? Contact Barbara Attianese, Housing Resources (617-638-5125),






Spring 2017 Advanced Responsible Conduct of Research Workshop Registration

January 18th, 2017 in General News, Homepage

ADVANCED RCR TRAINING: Doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers who have an RCR compliance requirement due to funding by an NIH training grant or a NSF research grant must complete the online Introductory (Step 1) & Intermediate (Step 2) RCR training modules before participating in the four Advanced RCR live workshops. Grant funded individuals, meanwhile, are required to complete Steps 1 and 2 within 30 days of the start of funding and to complete all four live, advanced RCR workshops within two years.

All other doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who will be taking advanced RCR training, including those who are meeting a departmental mandate, must also first complete Steps 1 and 2 before registering for the four workshops. Doctoral students should complete all four workshops by the end of their fourth year. Postdoctoral researchers are recommended to complete Steps 1 and 2 as early as possible and commence the four RCR workshops in the semester in which online preparation is completed. We recommend that they complete the four workshops at the rate of at least one workshop per semester.


Step 1: Introductory RCR Principles
1. Log in to your Blackboard Learn homepage
2. Click on the second tab: All Blackboard Learn Courses
3. On the left hand side of the All Blackboard Learn Courses page search for “RCR”
4. Select Introductory Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) (Ongoing) from the list and follow directions

Step 2: Intermediate RCR Principles
1. Sign up for a CITI Account
2. Affiliate with Boston University (please note that if you affiliate with Boston University Medical Campus through CITI, you will not be able to access the RCR course)
3. Click “Add a Course or Update Learner Groups”
4. Select “Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR Courses)”
5. Select “BU RCR Program for Doctoral candidates and Post-Docs: All Audiences”

Register for Spring 2017 workshops here, and check which workshops you’ve already completed here.


Charles River Campus (Metcalf Trustee Ballroom, 1 Silber Way 8th Floor):

  • Workshop 1: Data Integrity – Wed Feb 1, 1-3 PM
  • Workshop 2: Collaborative Research – Tues Feb 7, 1-3 PM
  • Workshop 3: Scientific Publication – Wed Feb 8, 1-3 PM
  • Workshop 4: Objectivity in Science – Tues Feb 14, 1-3 PM
  • Workshop 1: Data Integrity – Tues Feb 21, 1-3 PM
  • Workshop 2: Collaborative Research – Tues Feb 28, 1-3 PM

Medical Campus (Hiebert Lounge, School of Medicine 14th Floor)

  • Workshop 3: Scientific Publication – Thurs Feb 2, 1-3 PM 
  • Workshop 4: Objectivity in Science – Wed Feb 22, 1-3 PM

Find more information on the RCR Program here.
For assistance or questions:

Alan Fine, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director RCR Program

Off-Campus Housing Fair 2.8.17 4-6pm George Sherman Union

January 12th, 2017 in General News, Homepage


Order 2017 Faculty Regalia Online Now

December 20th, 2016 in General News, Homepage


Dear BUSM Faculty,


Please submit your order for your 2017 Faculty Commencement Regalia at your earliest convenience. The deadline for submission of regalia information is Friday, Feb. 10. Order regalia here.


Commencement schedule:


MD & PhD candidates

2 p.m. Thursday, May 18, Agganis Arena, 925 Commonwealth Ave.


Master’s candidates

9 a.m. Friday, May 19, Track & Tennis Center, 100 Ashford St.

All-University Commencement

1 p.m. Sunday, May 21, Nickerson Field


Questions? Contact Kayleigh Klegraefe, GMS Graduate Affairs, at 638-5205 or Jessica Smith, BUSM Student Affairs, at 638-4166.


Thank you. 

Introducing the M.S. in Health Sciences Education Degree Program

December 8th, 2016 in General News, Homepage

New Degree Program Focuses on Health Sciences Educationcom-markuns-jeffrey-e1481224189144

This October, a new program – the Master’s of Science in Health Sciences Education (MSHSE) – was unanimously approved by BU School of Medicine, the University Council Committee on Graduate Programs and Policies and the University Council. The program is offered through the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS), in collaboration with the School of Education (SED); Jeffrey Markuns, MD, EdM,  assistant professor of Family Medicine serves as  Program Director. Recruitment is underway for the inaugural class, who will matriculate in fall 2017. For more information, go to

The program offers those with degrees in nursing, medicine and other health-related areas an opportunity to pursue graduate studies in medical education. The MSHSE provides training in the principles of education and teaching that are applicable and adaptable to a specific health sciences discipline. It is designed to improve teaching skills and other aspects of health sciences education to help students advance their careers.

“This program will educate and train faculty from all the health professional fields who are committed to establishing themselves as master educators,” said Markuns. “The broad range of required courses along with a mentored practicum will produce world-class faculty in health sciences education.”

A certificate option is available for those with limited time and resources or who already have a strong background in general education, as well as the part- and full-time options to pursue the Master’s degree  The certificate and Master’s degree options are available for the tuition remission benefit for eligible BU faculty and staff The program is expected to be initiated on campus in the classroom, but then students will be able to pursue a schedule that allows for part-time participation.  Practicum based, it is designed for students to apply new skills from their studies directly to issues they already are seeking to tackle in their daily work.

The MSHSE provides numerous benefits to the University:

  • It provides an opportunity for those faculty interested in developing additional skills in teaching and education to pursue an advanced degree directly relevant to their daily work using BU tuition remission.
  • The program raises the profile of educational faculty throughout BU and creates new partnerships with educators from throughout the institution.
  • With an eye towards additional distance-learning options, the MSHSE offers faculty development mechanisms for internationalteachers in the health sciences from institutions around the world.


 The Certificate and Master’s in Health Sciences Education are offered through the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS), in collaboration with the School of Education (SED), plus electives offered in the Schools of Medicine and Public Health

  • Strong focus on practical skills application
  • Core courses emphasizing curriculum development, research, evaluation, and teaching
  • Robust practicum experience personalized for specific career goals
  • Support and mentorship

Crime Prevention and Campus Safety Notice

November 4th, 2016 in General News, Homepage

This weekend marks the end of Daylight Savings Time for 2016 resulting in fewer hours of daylight. At this time each year the Public Safety Department reminds the BU Medical Campus (BUMC) and Boston Medical Center (BMC) community about safety awareness. It’s important to recognize that personal safety and security are the shared responsibility of everyone. By following some simple, yet effective, practices you can decrease the likelihood of being victimized. As always, the Public Safety Department urges you to take precautions to protect your personal and BUMC/BMC property. Remember if you “See Something, Say Something…”
The following safety tips can help keep you stay safe and secure.
In the Neighborhood:
  • When assisting strangers with directions or when engaged in conversations
    always keep a safe distance.
  • Be conscious of strangers using distracting techniques, which may give them the opportunity to take your belongings. Such techniques include asking questions such as, “What time is it” or “Do you have a cigarette or a light” while positioning themselves very close  to you.
  • Avoid using cell phones, iPods or any mobile device when going to and from an outside location as they distract you and make you an easy target for assault or robbery. Pay attention to your surroundings, stay alert as to who is near you and what is going on around you at all times.
  • Be conscious not to publicly display large amounts of cash or expensive electronic devices.
  • When in your vehicle always keep the doors locked until you are ready to exit. 
  • Always keep valuables and other items such as packages, briefcases and backpacks
    out of view when leaving your vehicle unattended.
In the Workplace:
  • Never compromise safety or security for the sake of convenience. For example:  Don’t prop doors that are intended to be locked. Use our escort shuttle service on campus instead of walking alone, especially when it gets dark.
  • Wear your Boston University or Boston Medical Center Identification Badge at all times.
  • Always lock your office or work area when you leave for any period of time.
  • Never prop doors open.
  • When entering “CARD ACCESS ONLY” areas, do not to allow non-ID employees
    or visitors in behind you.
  • If you are using a laptop computer, do not leave it unattended at any time.
  • Keep your purse, wallet, keys and other valuables with you at all times or locked in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Carry a minimal amount of cash and credit/ATM cards while at school or in the workplace.
  • Do not carry passports, visas, or social security cards unless absolutely necessary. 
  • Immediately report suspicious activity to Public Safety at 414-4444.
  • In an emergency off campus call 9-1-1
  • Remain in well-lit, well-traveled areas. Avoid shortcuts and remain alert.
  • Do not use cell phones or iPods or other devices with earphones while walking to your destination- this includes walking to garages and waiting at bus stops. When wearing earphones, your hearing is diminished and you become a target for crime.
  • Make yourself familiar with the location of the blue BUMC Public Safety
    Emergency Call boxes around the campus.
  • Travel with a friend or in a group when possible, two is always better than one.
  • Utilize the shuttle services or request a public safety escort after hours by calling (617) 414-4444 for on campus destinations.
  • Have your car or building key in your hand before you reach the door of your car or destination.  Do not spend time at your car door or at your destination searching
    for your keys.
  • Always secure your vehicle. Never leave any valuables or contents in plain view. GPS navigation systems, laptop computers, iPods, electronics devices, bags and money left in vehicles are targeted by thieves. Lock all property in the trunk prior to parking your vehicle or take it with you.
Please visit our website for additional crime prevention information and brochures on personal protection, workplace safety and home security.
Should you have any questions or concerns about your personal safety here at Boston University or Boston Medical Center and would like to speak to me personally, please e-mail or call me @ 617-414-4443.
Stay Safe!

Bike Racks Installed at Conte (K) Building

November 1st, 2016 in General News, Homepage


Two racks able to accommodate 16-20 bikes were added in front of the
Conte Building (K) at 71 E. Concord St. next to the structure that supports the bridge from the Instructional Building (L) Annex. Cyclists may request direct access into the Conte building for six months at the TranSComm Office. 
If you have any questions, please contact TranSComm at 617-638-7473.

MED School continues climb in U.S. News & World Report’s Rankings

March 25th, 2016 in General News, Homepage

U.S. News & World Report deems MED the 29th best medical school in the nation for research, up one step from last year and the school’s highest grade ever in that category. MED ranked 40th for primary care education, up from 2015’s 52nd. US News says 116 medical schools submitted data for the rankings. Congratulations to the outstanding students, faculty, and staff who continue to contribute the Boston University School of Medicine’s success.