Surgical Research

BU Surgery Research

Boston University Medical Center’s Biosquare is at the core of the institution’s basic science research initiative

Research is an integral part of the Department of Surgery, and reflects a major commitment by the department to advance the field.

Our work includes basic research in fields as diverse as the immunobiology of sepsis, the formation of intraperitoneal adhesions, and the molecular analysis of neoplasia. Active collaborations with colleagues at the schools of Medicine, Engineering, Public Health, and Management enhance projects in the clinical, health services, and education research arenas.

The Department of Surgery’s surgical research enterprise, located in the modern research facilities of Boston University’s Medical Campus, includes several fully-equipped molecular biology laboratories staffed by basic scientists, senior technicians, and personnel with expertise in all aspects of biomedical research.

The Research Advisory Council provides residents and faculty with advice and assistance in the design, conduct, and analysis of both basic science and clinical research studies.

Research Advisory Council Members:

Alaina Geary, MD (resident member)

Tony Godfrey, PhD

Donald Hess, MD (ex officio)

Douglas Jones, MD

Kelly Kenzik, MS, PhD (guest faculty), Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham

Marina Malikova, PhD, MSci, MA, CCRA, RAC

Amy Rosen, PhD

Teviah Sachs, MD, MPH

Jeffrey Siracuse, MD, MBA

Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH (ex officio)

Christina Wee, MD, MPH (guest faculty), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School


For additional information regarding research in the Department of Surgery, please contact: Teviah Sachs, MD, MPH,

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