Surgical Research Conference

The Surgical Research Conference is a lunchtime conference and occurs twice per month. The goal of the conference is to infuse the residency program, and the Department of Surgery as a whole, with academic achievement and collaboration. Residents, students, and faculty present their research questions, projects, and ideas, and review at regular intervals how the projects are progressing. The format of the conference includes a 20-30 minute interactive lecture on a particular topic applicable to research. Selected guest lecturers are invited from inside and outside of the Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine/Boston Medical Center community. At the end of each meeting, an open forum takes place to spur new collaboration and projects.

The conference is highly encouraged but not mandatory.

Examples of Past Lectures

Strategies for Translating our Research to Increase Impact
Dr. Scott Solberg

Doing Research using BMC’s Clinical Data Warehouse
Linda Rosen

Decreasing Cancer Care Disparities through Population-Centered Interventions
Dr. Abdul Calvino & Dr. John Hardaway

IRB Compliance
Dr. Marina Malikova

Public Health Approach to the Prevention of Firearm Injury
Dr. Miriam Neufeld

Use of Computer Simulation in the Delivery of Surgical Care
Dr. Jacob Nudel

Resident-as-Teacher Programs in General Surgery Residency
Dr. Luise Pernar

Navigating the Extramural Funding Process: A Roadmap for Success in the Competitive World of Grants
Dr. Allison LeBlanc

Toe Amputations
Dr. Hau Pham

How to Use STATA
Dr. Thurston Drake

Working with the Communications Office
Maria Ober

How to Evaluate Power & Sample Size in a Research Study
Dr. Teviah Sachs
Sing Chau Ng, MS

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