Grand Rounds

Please visit our calendar for a detailed listing of Grand Rounds.

Click the links below to view past Grand Rounds Lectures:


Dr. Matthew Egyud Virtual Grand Rounds Lecture 4/24/20
“Grateful Patients and Medical Philanthropy”

Dr. Krista Hachey Virtual Grand Rounds Lecture 4/10/20
“Trends in General Thoracic Surgery Training”

Dr. Josh Davies Virtual Grand Rounds Lecture 3/27/20
“Direct Peritoneal Resuscitation in Trauma and Emergency General Surgery”

Dr. Jeffrey Kalish Grand Rounds Lecture 3/6/20
“Amputations & Prosthetic Limbs: A Historical Cinematic Timeline”

Dr. Jian Zheng Grand Rounds Lecture 2/28/20
“Tales of Difficult Gallbladders, Inspired by the BMC Experience”

Dr. Sandra Wong Grand Rounds Lecture 2/21/20
“The Geographical Divide and Surgical Disparities”

Dr. Patricia Roberts Grand Rounds Lecture 2/7/20
“Joys of a Surgical Career”

Dr. Demetrius Litwin Grand Rounds Lecture 1/31/20
“Laparoscopic Surgery – From Its Beginnings to the Present: Lessons Learned and Future Directions!”


Drs. Donald Hess and John Kelly Grand Rounds Lecture 5/24/19
“Utility of Fellowships in Surgery”

Dr. Sabrina Sanchez Grand Rounds Lecture 5/17/19
“Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Weight Regain after Sleeve Gastrectomy”

Dr. Deborah Kuhls Grand Rounds Lecture 5/3/19
“Firearm and Other Violent Injuries: Perspectives from Las Vegas and the American College of Surgeons”

Dr. Matthew Walsh Grand Rounds Lecture 4/26/19
“Evolution and Management of Pancreatic Cystic Neoplasm”

Dr. Jacqueline Wu Grand Rounds Lecture 4/19/19
“Sexual Harassment in Surgery”

Dr. Sean P. Roddy Grand Rounds Lecture 4/5/19
“CMS, RUC, Bundling, and Revaluation in Vascular Surgery”

Dr. Ashish Jha’s Grand Rounds lecture on 3/29/19
“Healthcare Spending in the U.S.: What International Comparisons Can and Can’t Teach Us”

 Dr. Justin Maykel’s Grand Rounds lecture on 3/22/19
“The Evolution of your Surgical Practice following Residency Training”

Dr. Leon Pachter, moderated discussion by Drs. Grundfast, Pachter and Polk on 3/15/19
“Surgical Culture Change: We can do it”

Dr. Alik Farber Grand Rounds lecture on 3/8/19
“The Current State of Chronic Limb Threatening Ischemia”

Dr. Caprice C. Greenberg’s Grasberger Research Symposium Grand Rounds lecture 2/22/19
“Stop Fixing Women”

Dr. Jacob A. Greenberg’s Grasberger Research Symposium Keynote lecture 2/22/19
“Surgical Psychology 101”

Dr. T.Peter Kingham’s Grand Rounds lecture on 1/11/19
“Improving outcomes for cancer patients in Nigeria: A global oncology program”




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