Psychosis Treatment and Recovery Fellowship 

The Psychosis Treatment and Recovery Fellowship is embedded within the Wellness and Recover After Psychosis (WRAP) Program. The WRAP program includes a variety of services including medication management, weekly group therapy, and individual therapy. The WRAP features a First Episode Group tailored to individuals who have recently experienced an initial episode of psychosis or hospitalization, providing peer support, family education, and therapy directed for substance use disorders. WRAP brings together a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologist, nurse practitioners, and social workers collaborating to provide patients with unique therapeutic treatments. As part of the WRAP team, the Fellow will provide group, individual, and family psychotherapy services to patients and their families and demonstrate competence in evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies to treat a socioeconomically diverse population of patients with first episode psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and substance-related psychosis. This fellowship is 60% clinical and 40% research/scholarly activity.

Supervisors: Emily Kline, PhD, Hannah Brown, MD and Samantha LaMartine, PsyD

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Applications are now closed and will reopen in January 2024 for the next academic year.