Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Who We Are

BMC-Department of Psychiatry’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee is comprised of members who are genuinely committed and passionate about creating a culture of inclusivity and promoting diversity. We believe diversity drives innovation and differences are to be accepted, respected, and celebrated. The team itself is diverse along aspects of personal and professional identities yet similar in their shared sense of social responsibility and social justice orientation.

Our Mission

BMC’s Mission of “providing exceptional care for all”, incorporates our aim of recognizing and addressing the present social injustices inclusive of racism that exist in our world structurally, institutionally, and individually. Essentially, care cannot be “exceptional” without addressing these factors. “Without exception,” the standard practice should be to exist as an equitable, diverse and inclusive organization that aligns with and supports our patients, our workforce and the communities that we serve. We aim to empower all individuals to break barriers and build bridges across differences, to protect and promote human dignity. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. These aren’t mere words to us but rather values and principles that should guide the institution’s operations, policies, procedures, and all human interaction therein. They are essential for our collective success as a department, institution, and nation.

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