Reproductive Mental Health Services

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders represent a significant challenge to the mental health of parents, yet access to specialized mental health care during this critical period remains limited. Timely identification of and intervention for these disorders are crucial, as they can profoundly impact parental and child well-being. Individuals facing mental health challenges during the perinatal period can conveniently access specialized behavioral health resources delivered in the same location as their prenatal and postpartum care through the Boston Medical Center OB behavioral health care model. Our team is in close contact with obstetrical providers at BMC and collaborates to provide wraparound care that attends to the medical, social, and environmental needs that can impact a parent’s mental health.

Our focus is on empowering parents, letting them know they’re not alone, and offering personalized treatment plans tailored to individuals’ unique needs. By operating within the obstetrical care setting at BMC, we aim to detect perinatal mood and anxiety disorders early and seamlessly connect patients to reproductive mental health treatment.

 Cassandra Shuffain-Tobin,     Maithri Ameresekere       Resham Gellatly

Clinical Offerings
Therapy services (In person and via telehealth)

General OB:

  • Time-limited therapy services for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD, perinatal loss) up to 6 months postpartum for patients with an obstetrical care provider at Boston Medical Center.

Refugee Women’s Health Clinic- Behavioral Health Services:

  • Initial evaluation and time-limited therapy services for new arrivals (up to 6 months postpartum) for patients with an obstetrical care provider in the Refugee Women’s Health Clinic.
  • Group therapy options (Haitian Mamas Support Group and Chronic Traumatic Stress Group)

Reproductive psychiatry consultation (In person via telehealth):

  • Diagnostic evaluation of mental health problems in pregnancy and up to 6 months postpartum (Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis, PTSD, Substance Use Disorders)
  • Medication evaluation in pregnancy and lactation for mental health problems (risk/risk discussion of psychotropic medications for preconception planning, during pregnancy and lactation)

Reproductive Psychiatry Consultation (providers)

  • Clinical case consultation for behavioral health providers within the Boston Medical Center Healthcare System