Wellness and Recovery After Psychosis (W.R.A.P.)


Tailored for patients who are experiencing psychotic symptoms, the Wellness and Recovery After Psychosis program offers a variety of services for patients to help them toward leading productive lives. Psychotic symptoms may include:

  • Hearing voices and/or seeing things which others do not
  • The feeling of being under surveillance by other people or organizations
  • Disorganized thinking
  • Unusual beliefs

These symptoms are distressful and often interfere with daily function. In partnership with the Department of Psychiatry, WRAP brings together a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners and social workers collaborating to provide patients with unique therapeutic treatments.



Always call 911 in case of a medical emergency or immediate safety concern.

Call the BEST Team for 24 Hour Psychiatric Crisis (800)-981-HELP (4357)

Call Ellie Reagan for questions about WRAP Clinic including but not limited to:

  • Rescheduling an appointment
  • Directions to our offices
  • Hearing more about any of the services we provide
  • Other questions about the clinic

Call 617-414-1990 and ask for Ellie, or leave a message on her direct line 617-414-1918

Fax: (617)-414-1910

Schedule appointments with any of our providers through the Front Desk

  • Adult Front Desk Phone: (617)-414-4238
  • Child Front Desk Phone: (617)-414-4561

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