First Episode Program

This program uses a coordinated specialty care model to provide treatment for adolescents and young adults who have been experiencing psychotic symptoms for five years or less. 

Working with our team of specialists providing medication management, individual therapy, family education, and peer support, individuals are provided holistic care that addresses symptoms while building a support network of peers, friends and family. We also coordinate with individuals’ primary care physicians, places of employment and/or schools in order to provide optimal coordinated care.  This program is offered to individuals within the first five years of a psychotic illness

Our First Episode Program includes all the services outlined on the WRAP Services page, including medication management, psychotherapy, and substance-use-focused therapy. 

Additionally, First Episode Care includes:

  • Peer Support Specialist: Peer specialists provide support to individuals by using their own lived experience with psychosis to help others. Each specialist and patient relationship is unique and allows the chance to connect with someone outside of the doctor, nurse practitioner, or therapist. Peer specialists and individuals can meet at the hospital, or somewhere in the community.
  • Family Education and Support: We work with individuals and their families to provide education about illness, teach strategies to decrease stress, improve communication, and problem solve. We collaborate with families and individuals to help with recovery.

If you do not qualify for the First Episode Program but would like to receive peer support and family education/support, feel free to reach out to us and we can work with you to develop a treatment plan that works for you and your family.


First Episode Program and General WRAP Services