Student Employment

There are several good reasons students can work while attending Boston University—not only during the summer but also part-time during the academic year. One important advantage: you can minimize borrowing by earning money for your college expenses. Another is that you’ll acquire skills and valuable experience.

GMS, SPH, and Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine students interested in work-study funding should contact SFS after receiving their financial aid award notification.  Eligibility is reviewed in July each year and students are then contacted at their BU email address.

If you’re receiving need-based financial aid, it’s generally assumed that you’ll earn around $2,000 during the academic year to supplement your award.

Good news: working can make you a better student.

Studies show, and BU student employees have confirmed, that working while taking classes can help improve your overall academic performance and satisfaction. For one thing, you can learn to organize and prioritize your time more effectively. You’ll also learn skills that can beef up your resume and help you land other jobs. And you’ll meet new people, both on and off campus.

Want to work? There’s a job for you here!

Almost every department on campus hires students as part-time employees. So do many thousands of employers all over the city of Boston. Our Student Employment Office can help you find one that fits your needs and schedule.

BU helps job-seekers after graduation, too.

The Center for Career Development can help you get your career launched. But don’t wait until your senior year to check them out. For the greatest benefit, visit the center early and often. SPH students can also contact the BUSPH Career Services  for assistance.