Scholarships and grants are gift aid, meaning you do not have to repay them or earn the funds by working.  There are two categories of Boston University scholarships: merit and need.  Need-based financial aid is awarded based on you and/or your family’s financial need.  Merit-based financial aid is awarded without regard for financial need.  This type of aid is usually awarded for a variety of talents and interests: academic, artistic, athletic, etc.  Private and Service scholarships are also available from other sources.

Remember that you can receive more than one type of financial aid. An award package may include a combination of scholarships, grants, and other types of assistance, such as loans and work-study.

The AAMC – OSR Committee on Diversity and Community provides a list of scholarships, research grants and fellowship opportunities to medical students, which is updated monthly. Please take advantage of the many opportunities by visiting the AAMC website.