FileMaker Application/ Database Hosting

Overview BUMC IT offers free application/database hosting on our campus FileMaker Server, hosted within the IS&T virtual cluster, as well as consultation on database development and management.  FileMaker is known for its attractive interface and simplicity, and is most commonly utilized for department-level needs.  FileMaker Pro is well suited for cross-platform groups (Mac and PC), or for groups who want to manage their own solution but don’t have expertise in MS Access.  While FileMaker applications normally use their own proprietary database structure, advanced users can connect FileMaker applications to enterprise database platforms such as MS SQL and Oracle.
Available To Faculty/Staff for non-personal, University needs.
  • Databases are routinely protected with frequent backups.
  • Servers are secured and managed centrally within a highly available cluster.
  • Significant reduction in the likelihood of database corruption and subsequent loss of data.
  • Controlled security groups created to match client requirements, ensuring maximum data security
Key Features
  • Centrally provisioned and managed service, including data security.
  • Built-in university authentication using Active Directory.
  • Ability to manage database definitions, value lists and scripts while the database is actively hosted.
  • Leverage centrally maintained authoritative University data, when applicable.
  • For most applications, accounts accessing databases on FileMaker Server must be in Active Directory (AD or AD2). Some web-enabled databases have business requirements which allow them to be used without AD.
Cost No charge for database hosting.

Clients will need to purchase FileMaker through an external vendor

Getting Started Contact the Service Desk for information about FileMaker hosting or database development/management services.


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