INS 1101


Total Number of Seats: 220

East Newton Street Side: 90 seats

East Concord Street Side: 130 seats

Each table is equipped with 2 AC Power outlets.
Wired Network Connections are located on the first row of tables closest to the stairwell on both the East Newton Street and East Concord Street Sides of the L-11 Testing Center. 8 Wired Network Connections are located on the East Newton Street Side. 12 Wired Network Connections are located on the East Concord Street Side.

Proctors Room

  • 1 iPad for proctor use
  • 1 telephone
  • 1 PC and monitor for the monitoring system
  • Controls for the audio announcements system
  • Portable clip-on microphones for the announcement system
  • Card access

Technical Support

BUMC IT via the Computing Help Desk in INS 1109 (L-1109) will provide:

  • Technical support for laptops during Histology (Biolucida), NBME Clerkship, and other exams.
  • Laptop loaners for ALL exams (including ExamSoft) for students experiencing computer related issues that may arise during the exam.
  • Ethernet patch cables for students experiencing wireless connectivity issues on their laptops.

The Educational Media Staff will provide:

  • Support for ALL ExamSoft based exams.
  • Training and support for the monitoring and audio systems.

Reserving the INS 1101 Testing Center

To reserve the INS 1101 Testing Center and INS 1109B Accommodations room, please visit BUMC IT EdMedia – Central Scheduling.

Reserving a Library Fixed Computer Classroom

To reserve a fixed computer classroom (INS 1105, INS 1110), please go to 25Live to enter your request.

To reserve INS 1109B as a classroom, please visit BUMC IT EdMedia – Central Scheduling.

Hours of Operation

For current Alumni Medical Library and Computing Help Desk hours, please see the Library’s Hours.

  • INS 1101 Testing Center
    • Available as study space when exams are not in session
  • L-11 Emergency Stairwell Doors (E. Newton and E. Concord St.)
    • Open:
      • Stairwell Unlocked Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm ONLY
    • Emergency Exit all other times
  • Elevator Access to L-11
    • Available during normal L-11 Testing Center hours of operation.
    • Students must leave the L-11 Testing Center 15 minutes prior to scheduled closing.

Testing Policies and Procedures