2023 FIT Program

CRITFITCFS group photo

2023 CRIT/FIT/CFS participants, faculty, and staff.

2023 Faculty Presentations

  1. 2023.4.23 Samet, Alford, and Walley- Introduction to the Programs, Faculty, Staff, and Participants
  2. 2023.4.24 Weiss- The Science of Addiction
  3. 2023.4.24 Alford- Opioids
  4. 2023.4.24 Samet and Alford- Screening, Assessment, and Brief Intervention (SBI)
  5. 2023.4.24 Komaromy – Cannabis
  6. 2023.4.24 Baldwin- Stimulants – Cocaine and Methamphetamine
  7. 2023.4.24 Walley- Optimizing Safety in People with Addictions
  8. 2023.4.24 Cruz- Correctional System and Health Impacts in Addiction
  9. 2023.4.25 Alford- Pain, Opioids and Addiction
  10. 2023.4.25 Peterkin- Management of Alcohol Use Disorder
  11. 2023.4.25 Taylor- Introduction to Mutual Support Organizations and Recovery Support Services
  12. 2023.4.26 Bagley- Special Consideration for Adolescents, Young Adults, and Women
  13. 2023.4.26 Wilson- Disadvantaged by Design: deconstructing the war on drugs and the lasting impact on racially and ethnically minoritized populations
  14. 2023.4.26 Bagley- Introduction to Lunch with Guests in Recovery

    We encourage you to use these slides when teaching. If you do, please cite this source and note any changes made.
    – The Immersion Training in Addiction Medicine Program