MD/MBA Combined Degree Program Fourth Year Elective

800.0 MD MBA Internship in Health Care Provider Administration and Administrative Consulting

Faculty Director: Ned Rimer

Telephone: 617-353-3146

Period to be Offered: Summer, Ten Weeks

Prerequisite: Completion of CAMED I-III and SMG I (Please note: this elective is offered only to students enrolled in the M.D./M.B.A. combined degree program)

Note: Upon completion of the internship student will receive 4 weeks of elective credit applied toward their fourth year degree requirements.

Description of Elective:

Students will learn aspects of business operations in health care administration and management. Subjects will include streamlining patient care, financial management and operations and management decisions important to health care organizations and medical practices. The learning will be experiential through the students’ participation in a 10-week internship in a health care provider organization or an organization consulting with such providers. Both business management and clinical medicine aspects and needs of the study site will be addressed.

The students will choose a specific internship site and experience on the basis of their own interests and with the approval of the CAMED faculty advisor and SMG faculty and program advisers.


Students will carry out the responsibilities assigned by the internship which will include analyses of data and programs, preparation and discussion of reports and plans, meetings with relevant administrative and medical care personnel etc. They will submit a two-page summary of the internship experience to the CAMED clerkship director, Ned Rimer, who will assign the grade. The summary will include discussion of the contribution of the internship to the student’s clinical experiences, its impact on their decision about a career path and the positive and negative aspects of the experience