Emergency Medicine

403.3 Sub-Internship in Emergency Medicine

Once scheduled, all requests for block changes or release from the Emergency Medicine sub-internship must be received at least 30 days prior to the start of the rotation.

Instructor: Kelly Mayo, M.D.

Location: Boston Medical Center, Dowling Building – 1st Floor, 9:00 a.m.

Emergency Dept. Conference Room

Contact: Liz Traina    email: etraina@bu.edu    Telephone: 813 727-2941

Number of Students: 4-12 (depending on the block requested)

Period to be Offered: 4 weeks

Description of Elective:

Four weeks are spent working in the Boston Medical Center Emergency Department, a Level 1 trauma center. Students take an active role in the initial evaluation and treatment of patients, work alongside our senior residents, attendings, and nursing staff, and are exposed to wide variety of patients, illnesses, and procedures. For many patients, the ED is the first exposure that they have to the medical system and students will gain valuable experience as they are able to follow patients from presentation, through their workup, and onto their diagnosis and treatment. 

Students participate in daily teaching sessions, weekly departmental conferences, as well as a didactic lecture series designed specifically for them. The skills learned are as applicable to those going on to a career in EM, as to those entering other specialties.

All BU students interested in Blocks 9-16 must speak with Dr. Mayo prior to beginning the rotation.

Please note that students must be present for the orientation session on the first day of the rotation, as well as for an IBEX (computer tracking, order entry, documentation) training session on the first Tuesday of the rotation.


403.35 Emergency Ultrasound (EUS)

Instructors: Lindsay Davis, M.D.

Location: Boston Medical Center, Dowling 1S, Ultrasound Office

Contact: Liz Traina    email: etraina@bu.edu    Telephone: 813 727-2941

Number of Students: 2 Fourth Year Medical Students

Period to be Offered: Four Weeks

Course Director: Lindsay Davis, M.D.



“This elective is designed to give students with an interest in Point of Care ultrasound the opportunity to develop their ultrasound skills prior to residency and gain additional exposure to patient care in the Emergency Department. During this elective, students will be provided the time and mentorship to develop advanced skills in bedside emergency ultrasound. All students will participate in designated instructional hands on sessions with an ultrasound faculty member. They will also have assigned 4 hour scanning shifts where they will scan patients in the emergency department. The student will be expected to complete a minimum of 150 scans during their rotation along with delivering a final presentation and final examination. Enrollment is limited as we accept only 2 students per block

The Emergency Ultrasound elective will be overseen by Dr. Lindsay Davis. Students will report to the EUS office located in BCD building (G017) on their first day of the rotation. Please email Dr. Davis at Lindsay.Davis@bmc.org with questions.