Student Resources

Student Resources: Connecting alumni with students

This is where mutually rewarding connections happen between alumni and students. The Alumni Office team offers a number of programs and opportunities, from mentoring to shadowing, that help today’s doctors guide tomorrow’s.

Alumni E-Mentor Program. An experienced doctor’s insight is invaluable to students facing big career decisions. BUSM alumni across the country volunteer to mentor students via phone, Zoom, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. You’re busy. They’re busy. But with E-Mentor, you can get together at a time that works for you both.

Help Our Students Thrive Program. Many BUSM alumni open their homes to students traveling for residency interviews and Step 2 exams. It’s a great way for students to save money and for alums to get to know up-and-coming talent.

Student/Alumni Shadowing. Boston has no shortage of hospitals and physicians, many of whom are BUSM alums. This offers numerous opportunities for students to shadow alumni for a day to get a firsthand look at practicing medicine.

Class Gift. Help your graduating class create a lasting legacy at BUSM. You can support any area of BUSM you choose and your gift will help build an even better school for the future.