MED Student Organization Space Request

You must accurately complete all required fields in order to submit your Student Organization Space Request. This form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. The request and the program must be approved by both the requesting group's Faculty Advisor and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or her designee. The anticipated turn-around time will be two full business days. Any questions or concerns are to be directed to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or her designee
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  • REQUIRED: If there is a speaker for your event, please include the speaker's name and affiliation below (if BU/BMC, include the speaker's department). Enter 'none' if not having a speaker.
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  • Please Check 25Live for the available spaces

    accessing 25Live use browser Firefox or Google Chrome, if use Internet Explorer, you will need the latest version otherwise there’s a compatibility issue
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  • AV Requirements

    Please specify and equipment need (Note: Not every room has a computer or microphones)
  • Please note that if you choose a space that is unreasonably large for your event, your request may be denied.

  • Food:

    Note: Food is not permitted in Bakst Auditorium, 670 Albany Street Auditorium, Keefer Auditorium and all 4th floor labs.
  • Additional Tables, Chairs & Facility Need

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