BUMC IT – EdMedia – Central Scheduling

Our team manages BUMC centrally scheduled instructional and event space for curriculum and non-curriculum activities. 

We look forward to working with you for space reservations.

Michael Glumac, Lead Central Scheduler mglumac@bu.edu . 617 358 0115

Shannon Sullivan, Central Scheduler shanmk@bu.edu . 617 358 0144

Latia Santos, Central Scheduler lasantos@bu.edu . 617 358 0110

Lucy Milne, Director lmilne@bu.edu . 617 358 0088


Curriculum space requirements are prioritized before non-curriculum events. Instructional and event spaces are scheduled on a semester basis.

Non-curriculum events and activities are scheduled after curriculum space needs are finalized.

Requesting Space at BU Medical Campus:  Requests for instructional and event space are entered directly by clients using 25Live Pro, BU’s online scheduling platform.

Training is required to receive a 25Live Pro user account http://www.bumc.bu.edu/bumc-emc/25-live-trainings/.

Requests for space cannot be submitted via email.

BU Requesters:

Step 1:  Go to https://25live.collegenet.com/pro/bu and log in using your BU Kerberos account (this gets you into the system and ready for training).
Step 2: Attend a 25Live Pro training session. Dates and time are listed here:  http://www.bumc.bu.edu/bumc-emc/25-live-trainings/.
Note: You are welcome to bring an example of, or an actual event, that you need to schedule to enter following the training session.
Step 3:  Enter a space request in 25Live (following your training session).

BMC Requesters:

Step 1:  Double-check to be certain that you do not have a BU Kerberos account.
Note: If you do not know if you have a BU email account or have one that you do not use and need help reactivating, contact BUMC Client Services bumchelp@bu.edu
After reactivating your BU email, go through BU Requestor Steps 1 – 3 listed above.
Step 2:  Send an email to bumc-centralscheduling@bu.edu to request that Central Scheduling sponsor you for a BU Affiliate Account. Include the following info:
A): Legal Name
B): Date of Birth
C): Personal Email
D): Contact Telephone Number
Note:  Requests that do not include complete info A thru D, cannot be processed and you will not be able to request space.
Step 3:  You will be contacted by BU Client Services via your personal email in order to complete the Affiliate Account (BU Kerberos).
Step 4: With your active BU Kerberos account, follow the “BU Requestor Steps 1 – 3 listed above.

For more information click the links below:

BUMC IT – Educational Media – Instructional Services . Central Scheduling
72 East Concord St. Suite L310
617 358 1111 – One Help