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EdMedia Drop-In Virtual Zoom Training:
Mon,  3/30
Tues, 3/31
Wed, 4/1
Thurs, 4/2
Fri, 4/3
9am – 3pm
9am – 3pm
9am – 3pm
9am – 3pm
9am – 3pm

Please sign-up here to request a virtual training session on Zoom. An Educational Technologist from EdMedia will confirm your meeting time and send a link to join the training session.

Message to BU Medical Campus Faculty:

In an effort to provide faculty with tools and resources for effective remote teaching, we are conducting ZOOM training sessions, we have created a training handout you can use as a self-directed guide, and we are holding drop-in office hours available in the L310 suite for one-on-one consults.

BU faculty, staff and students have access to a ZOOM Pro account. This allows for live, two-way web meetings that can be recorded, and it is our go-to solution for conducting remote classes. ZOOM is recommended for remote teaching of lectures and small group sessions. A ZOOM link can be added to your course Blackboard site for student access to sessions.

To attend Zoom training sessions in the classroom (now limited to 8 participants and 2 instructors),register here. Feel free to stop by even if you haven’t registered, but if space becomes an issue, pre-registered participants will have priority.

We’ve mapped our instructional tech staff to GMS, MED & SPH curriculum departments with Spring courses, should you need to reach out for questions/help (or to find last year’s Echo recordings to post in substitution). We’re sharing staff members’ BU email and cell numbers (alphabetical by first name, and course prefixes are listed alphabetically within each column). See table below.

When reaching out to support staff by email, please also cc’ which is a team distribution email,, and to provide redundancy within our group.

Should non-curriculum groups need remote instructional support, please email:, and

If you have other questions or concerns regarding EdMedia’s remote instructional service plans, please contact Associate Director Jana Mulkern at 617-999-8743,  and/or Director Lucy Milne 617-279-3535  We are on standby to support you.