Tuition Reimbursement request information

To request tuition reimbursement, please see the reimbursement schedule for medical students:  tuition reimbursement refund schedule for medical students

If you are requesting a refund after the reimbursement deadline, you must meet with a Student Affairs Dean, and you must also:

1. You must write a letter to the BU University Service Center (USC), explaining the circumstances for your Leave and why you are requesting a refund after the deadline, and then submit the letter to the Office of Student Affairs, which will forward your letter to the USC.

2. You must request a letter of support from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to the USC to accompany your letter.

3. If you are taking a medical Leave of Absence, you must also have your medical care provider submit a letter to Dr. Angela Jackson, affirming the medical reasons for your Leave, which the OSA will forward to the USC.

4. The USC may request additional documents from you in consideration of your request.  For more information, please review their webpage:  Midsemester LOA and tuition adjustments