010.1 Teaching in Anatomy  (non-clinical elective)

Instructor: Jonathan J. Wisco, Ph.D.

Location: BUSM Instructional Bldg., Rm. 1004

Telephone: 617 358-2002

Number of Students: Minimum one; maximum six

Period to be offered: July-March

Description of Elective:

Students may elect to teach in the laboratory to review Gross, Microscopic, or Neuroanatomy. In Gross, they may assist for the entire course or for areas such as the Head & Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis and Perineum, or the Extremities; Tissues or Organology in Microanatomy; Dental Anatomy, Neuroanatomy.

012.1  Advanced Clinical Anatomy/Research in Anatomy  (non-clinical elective)

Instructors: Drs. Van Houten (Course Director), Hoyt and Nandy

Location: BUSM Instructional Bldg. Rm. 1004

Telephone: 638-4200

Number of Students: twenty (Fourth Year Medical Students)

Period to be offered: Block 17: January-February

Description of Elective:

An advanced anatomy course consisting of both guided laboratory dissection and related lectures on clinical anatomy by physicians in a variety of clinical specialties. Laboratory dissections are based on actual surgical approaches, whenever possible, and the relationship between gross anatomy and radiographic anatomy is continually emphasized. Completion of medical gross anatomy is a prerequisite of this course.


014.12 Advanced Neuroanatomy (non-clinical elective)

Instructor: Dr. Douglas Rosene

Location: BUSM Instructional Bldg. Room 1004

Telephone: 638-4061; E-mail: drosene@cajal-l

Number of Students: Maximum of three

Period to be Offered: February through May, fourteen weeks

Description of Elective:

This course consists of reading research articles on advanced topics in neuroanatomy, emphasizing molecular and chemical aspects of neuroanatomy.