Resident Quality of Life

Faculty Mentorship

Mentorship is a critical component of success in surgical residency and the Surgical Education Office invests in a formal mentoring program. Faculty mentorship is provided from the start of internship. Each resident is assigned a mentor and this mentor may change once the resident has decided their area of specialty. The faculty mentors meet with each resident mentee at least twice a year to provide guidance and help ensure the resident reaches their personal and professional goals.

Social Wellness Committee

Surgical residency is a challenging time. Residents are required to dedicate nearly all of their resources (cognitive, behavioral, and emotional) to developing clinical competencies, often at the expense of maintaining their own physical and psychological health. At Boston Medical Center, we believe strongly that helping residents and their families to feel psychologically affiliated with their peers, mentors, patients, and communities will lead to more psychologically healthy residents who are able to put forth more energy to become better surgeons. Thus, over the past several years we have developed a comprehensive program designed to help both our residents and their families feel connected to one another.  Established in September, 2011, the Social Wellness Committee is comprised of resident representatives from every training level and one faculty advisor.  Our principal objectives are to improve departmental communication and morale and to enhance the surgical residency recruitment process.  In addition, we serve as a more formal support system for residents and faculty during major life events including serious illness, death of a family member, or birth of a child.  We have organized monthly social gatherings and larger quarterly events for residents, faculty and staff; we have created Surgery Kids, a program designed to connect those with families and young children; we have created WOW, a women in surgery group designed to provide a social, professional and emotional outlet for women within the department; and we have organized several resident-led activities for the recruitment process including pre-interview dinners, campus tours, and post-interview candidate evaluations. Our multidimensional efforts continue to build strong relationships among residents and faculty, sustain resident motivation and improve resident recruitment.



Social Wellness Committee Kickball Outing Photos

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