Upcoming Events

May 2012:“I’m Surviving (Happily) My Career in Science–You Can Too! My Ten Commandments of Work/Life Balance”

Past Events:

May 2011: Work/Life Balance

June 2011:Teaching and Mentoring Opportunities through Biomed Program and CityLab Academy

July 2011:The Industry Exploration Program (IEP)

August 2011:Skills for Successful Networking to Advance Your Career

September 2011: National Postdoc Appreciation Ice Cream Social

October 2011:Lab Time Management: a Practical Perspective

November 2011:Meet BU Ombuds, Francine Montemurro and learn about the Office of the Ombuds

December 2011:Pathways to U.S. Permanent Residence for International Postdocs

January 2012:Building Your Personal Brand

February 2012:Refining your Resume for Industry

March 2012:US Tax and Immigration Issues for Foreign Postdocs

April 2012:Teaching Opportunities for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Speaker Series