Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation degree candidates are required to complete all of the following:

  • A minimum of 8 semester courses equaling at least 32 credits at the graduate level. These must include the following 18 credits in required coursework:
Course Title
Course No.
Credit hours
Designing Clinical Research Studies GMS CI 675 4 cr
Management of Clinical Trials GMS CI 631 4 cr
Biostatistics with Computing GMS CI 670 4 cr
Regulatory and Compliance Issues GMS CI 640 4 cr
Seminar in Clinical Investigation GMS CI 790 2 cr
  • A minimum of 14 credits in elective coursework: A wide variety of courses offered in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences will count toward elective credit. A minimum of 14 credits must be taken as electives, directed study or practicum. Up to 4 credits may be taken as the practicum. All electives must be approved by your Academic Advisor before registration.
  • Directed Studies in Clinical Investigation (GMS CI 691 or 692)

Directed study provides the opportunity for students to explore a special topic of interest under the direction of a MSCI faculty member.  Students may register for 2 credits of directed study by submitting a paper registration form, after the MSCI faculty member has agreed to work with the student on a specific project.  Directed studies with a non-MACI faculty member or adjunct member must first be approved by and assigned to the Director or Assistant Director of MSCI as Faculty Sponsor. Directed-Study-Form

Please note: Students who have completed one or more of the required courses before matriculation may acquire “advanced standing” for that requirement. “Advanced standing” means that the student may waive the requirement but would need to replace the course requirement by taking an elective course(s). The student would not need to retake the course requirement. To waive a course requirement, students must speak to their Academic Advisor and complete/submit a “Petition for Approval of Advanced Standing.” No transfer credits from other BU departments or institutions will be accepted.

Questions??  If you have any questions about the MSCI Program, please contact the Program Assistant Director, Stacey Hess Pino at 617-638-5211 or