Working in a Multicultural Group

Featuring:  Anne Copeland, PhD
Founder and Executive Director, the Interchange Institute

Tuesday, June 19 3:30 – 5:00 pm Wilkins Boardroom 120 Evans, 72 East Concord St.

Today’s university is a mini-United Nations. The most productive labs, departments and work groups are the ones that understand the cultural values that affect relationships, communication style and scientific reasoning, and whose members share the ability to recognize and adapt to these differences. When everyone on a team – Americans and internationals alike – shares an understanding of these cultural dimensions and a vocabulary for discussing them in a neutral, balanced way, they can proceed to their shared core work more quickly and productively. In this workshop, we will briefly review the international research on cultural values that affect work assumptions and relationships, and differences in scientific reasoning approaches that affect collaborations in multicultural teams. We will look at core cultural values in communication style and work relationships, including relationships between lab directors and staff, decision-making, work commitment, and other topics suggested by attendees.

Open to all postdocs, PhD students, faculty, and staff

To register: email

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