043.4   Diagnostic Neuropathology

Instructor: Ivana Delalle, M.D. , Ph.D.

Location:   BUSM, Housman Medical Research Building, R907

Direct inquiries to:  Daphney Noel   email:

Telephone: 617 414-5314

Period to be offered: Four weeks

AVAILABLE BLOCKS / SEMESTERS: Continually through the year depending on the number of students doing other electives within Department of Pathology; early planning is recommended.

DESCRIPTION: The elective will take place in the Pathology Department, 3rd floor, 670 Albany St. The student will interact with pathology residents, pathology lab personnel, and pathology attendings. Pathology residents will alert students about neuropathology cases, surgical and autopsies.  Two hours per day on average will be devoted to teaching contact.  The student will shadow pathology resident in charge of a case, assist in history and presentation data gathering, reviewing images, choosing appropriate special studies, and generating differential diagnoses.

At the end of the elective, the student will be able to functionally approach common neuropathology entities, including formulating clinical and pathological work-up of the case, choosing appropriate special studies, and generating differential diagnoses.  This elective is for the student to be involved in neurosurgical pathology, including frozen-section diagnosis, muscle and nerve biopsies, adult and fetal brain autopsies.  Specifically, the student will actively participate in the sign-out of the cases above. In addition, the student will participate in interdepartmental conferences attended by the Departments of Neurology, Surgical Neurology and Radiology. Further, at brain cuttings, the student will present selected brain autopsy cases to neurology residents and other interested clinicians.  The student is expected to give presentations of selected neuropathology topics throughout the elective.