Preliminary Surgical Internship

Arrangements have been made with the department of surgery to guarantee trainees that match in integrated IR/DR at BMC a preliminary surgical position at Boston Medical Center.


Several current trainees have completed their internships in surgery at BMC.  The feedback from these individuals about their internship experiences has been universally positive in terms of the breadth of experience, autonomy, development of clinical skills, procedural exposure, positive learning environment, etc.  These individuals enter their IR training exceptionally well prepared in terms of medical knowledge base and medical decision making abilities.  They can capably handle many clinical issues without significant IR attending involvement.  They are familiar with the system, know how to make the EMR work to their advantage, have built solid relationships with referring services (both attendings and house staff) and simply hit the ground running on their 1st IR rotations.  Further, doing a surgical internship here at BMC allows us to welcome you into the BMC family only a few months after the match instead of on a more delayed basis (1 year+ after the match).


Information about surgical training at BMC:


We recognize that applying to and interviewing at a lot of integrated IR/DR programs is daunting and we did not want to add additional steps such as additional interviews to the process.  Given the competitive nature of the integrated match and the superb track record our trainees have exhibited while surgical interns at BMC, the surgery program at BMC agreed to this arrangement.


Because integrated IR/DR at BU is an advanced program (beginning PGY-2), our program needs to be linked to a preliminary (PGY-1) program on a supplemental rank order list associated with our advanced program.  The program code for the preliminary surgical internship designated for IR/DR is 1257440P2 “Surg-Prelim/Int Radiology/Boston Univ Med Ctr-MA.”  That program code should be ranked #1 on your supplementary rank order list for our program.  Note that you will need to create a unique supplemental rank order list that can only be linked to our advanced program because the preliminary program is “restricted” (meaning the preliminary program is linked to our advanced program).  See: