ESIR Pathway

Boston Medical Center is proud to offer the Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) pathway to interested residents. Our institution is accredited for one position per residency class. After completing an IR rotation in the first year of residency, candidates apply for ESIR in their second year of residency. At the current time, we believe that this will give the strongest career flexibility to our residents. Based on the interests of our residents and the continually evolving landscape of IR education, we may consider transitioning to a dedicated IR residency in the future.

Our IR section is staffed by five fellowship-trained attending interventional radiologists, one physician’s assistant and a full complement of dedicated IR nurses and technologists. We offer a broad spectrum of services such as interventional oncology (including ablations and TACE, Y-90), endovascular work (including extremities and fistulagrams), biliary interventions, genitourinary interventions (including uterine artery embolization), venous thrombolysis (including DVT and PE), TIPS, vascular malformation, thoracic duct embolization, and due to our serving a busy emergency department, all manners of emergent embolization’s including GI bleeding, solid organ and pelvic trauma. Our patient population is diverse and ranges from patients with limited access to healthcare presenting with advanced disease to oncologic patients that we follow longitudinally in our dedicated IR clinic.

We currently operate in three interventional suites, two of which are newly constructed in 2018. Two additional suites are currently under construction and scheduled for completion within the next calendar year as part of a hospital-wide plan to move all endovascular services to a state-of-the-art interventional platform consisting of four interventional suites, including a suite with biplane functionality.

At Boston Medical Center, neuro-interventional radiology is a separate service which is also staffed by the radiology department. Musculoskeletal interventions are performed by the musculoskeletal imaging section. Interested radiology residents are welcome to rotate through these services as well for additional breadth of experience.

For more information on the ESIR pathway and a list of programs offering ESIR, the SIR has a full explanation here: