Rotation Sites

Boston Emergency Services Team (BEST)

BEST provides mobile, onsite, face-to-face, therapeutic response to youth and adults experiencing a behavioral health crisis for the purpose of identifying, assessing, treating, and stabilizing the situation and reducing immediate risk of danger to the youth or adults. This service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the city of Boston and its surrounding communities and includes: a crisis assessment; engagement in a crisis planning process; up to 7 days of crisis intervention and stabilization services including: onsite, face-to-face, therapeutic response, psychiatric consultation, and urgent psychopharmacology intervention, as needed; and referrals and linkages to all medically necessary behavioral health services and supports.


BEST Baycove CCS (Community Crisis Stabilization) Unit is a voluntary psychiatric unit that provides psychiatric evaluation and assessment; medical, psychiatric, and addiction treatment (including detox); peer-to-peer support; step-down support from inpatient treatment; and referrals to outpatient treatment, social services, etc. Patients typically stay for up to 4 days for symptom management, stabilization of psychopharmacological therapy, and establishment of outpatient services. Passes are given for patients to attend medical or therapy appointments, attend day treatment programs, and go to the pharmacy to drop off and pick up prescriptions for discharge.


Upham’s Corner Health Center is committed to providing high quality, low cost, culturally sensitive, community-based health and social services to the residents of North Dorchester and adjacent neighborhoods. Medical services at the health center include primary care, pediatrics, OB/GYN, psychopharmacology evaluation and management, psychotherapy, addiction treatment, urgent care, laboratory services, pharmacy, dermatology, dentistry, optometry, nutrition counseling, home care, etc.


Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Central Office in Boston coordinates the provision of mental health care and program planning for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; setting and monitoring policy and standards; and overseeing personnel and legal matters. DMH provides services to approximately 21,000 individuals with severe and persistent mental illness; licenses psychiatric units and psychiatric hospitals; and funds a community based system through contracted service providers who support DMH clients living in the community.


Tewksbury Hospital is run by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. It has 7 medical units and 5 intermediate care psychiatric units that provide services to adults with complex chronic medical or psychiatric illnesses. It cares for patients who are unable to receive services in other settings, typically because of behavioral issues and/or a high risk history.


Massachusetts Mental Health Center provides comprehensive outpatient services to adults and adolescents, including a Problematic Sexual Behavior (MI/PSB) program, a Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP) program, and Homeless Mentally Ill program, a Health and Recovery Substance Abuse (HARP) program, and a Clozapine Clinic. They run a transitional residential program, a partial hospital program for Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), case management for DMH clients, and a PACT team (Program of Assertive Community Treatment).