Military Service Scholarships and Loan Repayment Programs

With the cost of a professional college education on the rise, many students are finding themselves overwhelmed by debt. The Armed Forces can help manage college debt with financial aid and special loan repayment programs for qualified students.

What financial aid does the government offer for military service or for family members of military personnel?

The VA offers education benefits for veterans and for their widows and dependents on its GI Bill site.

Many people are not aware that the Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard can offer you special programs for repaying student debt.  If you have Federal Direct Loans, you may be eligible to have these loans totally forgiven by joining the military.

Service Scholarships are provided by governmental agencies and military branches, to provide a career path for many students. After graduation or residency, employment serving undeserved populations or enlistment in the military for a prescribed length of time. Is service right for you? AAMC Academic Medicine provides an extensive resource for those interested in service scholarships.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Service to our country qualifies borrowers for one of the most popular student loan forgiveness programs — Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This program forgives all student loan debt after the borrower makes 120 qualifying payments while working full-time with the military or another qualifying non-profit. Check out our Student Loan Repayment page for more information on PSLF and other loan repayment options.

Note that deferred payments do not count towards the 120 monthly payments and might extend your timeline to receive PSLF.