Presentations and Events


The financial aid process can be complicated, which is why Student Financial Services offers a variety of financial aid events available to all BUMC students.  Financial aid workshops and seminars are a vital source of information for students who want to better understand every aspect of the financial aid process.

Upcoming Sessions

Harvard Medical School Spring Financial Literacy Lecture Series

Our colleagues at HMS have opened their informative financial literacy series, hosted by Panacea Financial, to all medical students across Boston. Click on the below links to access the programming. The following flyer has more information for each session including the Zoom link: Spring Literacy Series 2023

Previous Sessions

AAMC Loan Repayment Strategies for Graduating BUMC Students

Student Financial Services recently hosted two webinars with the AAMC’s Julie Gilbert. These sessions provided valuable information about how to manage your student loan debt and determine which repayment strategy is right for you. Recordings for both sessions can be found below (must enter provided password to view recording)

Session 1 for graduating M4 medical students: Thursday, April 6 Recording (Password: 8#QpNW^$)

Session 2 for graduating GMS, GSDM, SPH students: Monday, April 10 Recording (Password: N*tG7^dd)

AccessLex Road to Zero for Boston University Students

Setting yourself up for successful loan repayment takes strategy and planning.

Creating your individual path to pay your loans down to zero requires an awareness of your financial goals, your career goals, your personal and family goals, and an acknowledgement of your current financial situation. Leah Young from AccessLex Institute hosted a virtual session with BUMC students to provide information on loan repayment effective strategies for managing student loan debt. A recording of the session is available.

AccessLex Road to Zero Recorded Session – March 15, 2023 (BU log-in required)

Understanding Credit 101 Presented by Experian

Ever wonder about the importance of a credit report or why a credit score matters? SFS partnered with Experian, one of the largest credit reporting agencies, to provide the BU community with a free virtual webinar to help attendees understand the basics of credit reports and scores. You can find a recording of the webinar here. (Passcode: tYF^W^93)

Experian Understanding Credit

Experian Advanced Understanding Credit: 201: (pdf only)Building on the 101 session, this Advanced Credit presentation will go beyond the basics, helping you better interpret the information on your credit report, understand how lenders evaluate consumers for credit, and tips to improve your credit score.

AAMC FIRST Friday Webinar Series

AAMC-hosted webinars are open to the entire BUMC community. Previous session can viewed on the AAMC FIRST Videos and Webinars.

AccessLex Institute Road to Zero

The AccessLex Institute Road to Zero provides great resources for graduate/professional students weighing all the options in selecting a federal loan repayment program.


ADEA Educational Debt Management Materials for Dental Students

The materials on the ADEA website will assist dental students with better managing their student loans and planning their overall repayment strategies.