March 26 Webinar – Credit 101: Give Me a Little Credit Presented by Experian

Date: Tuesday, March 26

Event Recording: “Credit 101” webinar with Experian¬†(passcode: A?2*fQm6)

Copy of presentation: Give Me a Little Credit 101 Slides

Ever wonder about the importance of a credit report or why a credit score matters? Getting ready to enter loan repayment and want to know how loans affect your credit score? Maybe just interested in applying for that first credit card?

SFS has partnered with Experian, one of the largest credit reporting agencies, to provide the BU community with a free virtual webinar to help attendees understand the basics of credit reports and scores. You’ll also learn easy ways to improve your creditworthiness through free tools and resources. You can find the event recording using the link above as well as a PDF copy of the presentation.