DOM Clinical Innovations Award

The DOM Clinical Innovations Award was established in 2016 to recognize and celebrate innovative clinical work that has the potential to improve clinical care for individual patients or populations.  It is intended to acknowledge the value of clinical invention and fueled by the desire to harness new technologies, access to big data and/or the development of systems of care to prevent, diagnose or treat disease and promote health.  The award is NOT meant to recognize bedside prowess, teaching, mentoring or scholarship (although awardees may possess some or all of these attributes) or recognize quality improvement that results from augmentation of existing systems or therapies.  Rather, the award is to recognize clinical innovation with enormous potential to enhance clinical outcomes.

In addition to the considerations above, the clinical innovation can encompass one or more of the following categories:

  • New/innovative technology/devices
  • Process and/or operational improvement using innovative approaches
  • Implementation of effective approaches to diagnose, treat or prevent disease using innovative techniques
  • Transformative programs or projects in care delivery and health promotion

The committee will also give special consideration to inventions that address perceived gaps in clinical care and clinical innovation involving multidisciplinary collaboration.


  • The nominee must have been on faculty for at least three years.      
  • The nominee must have a primary appointment in the Department of Medicine.
2024 Nominations Open May 1st-31st – Submit Here!