Clinical Excellence Award

The DOM Clinical Excellence Award was established in 2014 to recognize and celebrate outstanding clinical prowess manifested in expert clinical skills, extensive medical knowledge and exemplary doctor-patient relationships. It is intended to acknowledge the value of clinical medicine and honors clinical role models among the faculty. The qualities possessed by potential award recipients are intrinsic to their persona, making selection of candidates somewhat intuitive. Individuals who qualify for this award possess an admirable approach to patient care and a commitment to care for all patients at all times. While perhaps intangible, an individual possessing clinical excellence is easy to recognize; it is the individual you would choose to care for your family and the individual you seek for an opinion on the most complex patients. The award is NOT meant to recognize teaching, mentoring or scholarship (although awardees may possess some or all of these attributes). Rather, the award is to recognize clinical skills and attitudes that define excellence.

In addition to the considerations above, nominees should possess several of the following characteristics:

  • Diagnostic acumen
  • Skill in clinical therapeutics
  • Empathy
  • Sensitivity and respect for diversity
  • Commitment to honesty and transparency
  • Trustworthiness in all interactions

In addition, the committee will give consideration to performance that allows comparison of individuals to their peers such as compliance with specialty guidelines and/or specialty performance measures.

2024 Nominations Open May 1st-31st – Submit Here!